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Tower 9 Oceanside


The genesis of the company name came from the lifeguard tower positioned at the beach next to our office. From the back window of the building we could see the surf and the Tower 9 lifeguard station is where we would paddle out after work. It only seemed fitting to name the company after something that represents us as individuals, the region where we live and the lifestyle of Southern California.


We are not a big corporation with project leads managing a dozen projects a month and doing hundreds of projects a year. We are a small company with a close-knit team of construction professionals and we oversee every project personally. Tower Nine Kitchen & Bath proudly brings over 25 years of construction expertise to every project, offering a unique advantage as a small company deeply rooted in personalized service. Unlike large corporate environments, we prioritize forging genuine connections with our clients, ensuring a more intimate and tailored experience from start to finish. Our journey has been shaped by a commitment to craftsmanship and client satisfaction, with each project benefiting from our hands-on approach and attention to detail.


Whether it's an entire home, a kitchen or a bathroom; we approach each project the if it were our own home. While many other companies will take short cuts to either make it less expensive, take less time, or make it easier for themselves; we ask ourselves the same thing...”What would we do in our own homes”. Our goal is to guide, communicate and deliver the best possible product to our clients.


We are fully licensed & insured with the State of California

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